Putting the "Hex" on Herx Reactions

I began using Chit-O-Power at the recommendation of a friend with chronic Lyme. She told me that it completely wiped out her Neuro-Lyme symptoms, as well as most fatigue/muscle cramping symptoms. She required a higher dose to achieve this (4-6 capsules per day).

I bought the product and got the same astounding symptom relief. The product does not kill spirochetes, but is does an EXCELLENT job of moping up the neurotoxins and toning down herx reactions."


Beauty is Only "Skin" Deep

Hi, my name is B-2. I am a Pomeranian who suffers from a genetic weakness known as "black skin". The result of this disease is weakness and loss of hair. In my case, I had lost 80-90%. In addition, I have leg problems, which reduces my activity.

My owner has been treating me with natural remedies. A big part of my treatment has been Chitosan Oligosaccharide (Chit-O-Power). I take ½ of a 100mg capsule, daily which is all-natural. My results have been fantastic!

Over 99% of my hair have been restored. My skin has returned to a normal color but you would not know because my hair is so thick. Because my legs are better, I go "zooming" through the yard. In addition, because Chitosan Oligosaccharide aids adsorption of vitamins and minerals, I receive "more" from my food and other nutrients.

I am very lucky to have such a caring owner who gives me Chit-O-Power!

My liver enzymes are back to normal

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C several years ago. My friend Arlene told me about chitosan oligosaccharide and I began taking this product on her recommendation. About 2 1/2 years ago, I underwent a liver biopsy, which indicated cirrhosis in my liver.

Just before I was going to start treatment for the Hepatitis C, I moved to Texas. My new doctor in Texas could not believe I had cirrhosis based on the blood tests he had run and had me undergo ultrasound (I was not about to go through another liver biopsy!) This confirmed the results of the liver biopsy performed about 7 months earlier. I continued to use the chitosan oligosaccharide but my doctor also started me on "combination therapy" (Ribaviran capsules twice daily with Interferon injections three times a week). One of the side effects he warned me about was "flu-like" symptoms.

During the course of the 6-month treatment, I only experienced these symptoms twice. My doctor was amazed at how well I was responding to the treatment; he mentioned that given the fact that I had cirrhosis, he hadn't expected me to respond so well to the treatment.

My last blood test indicted that my viral level was still undetectable and that my liver enzymes are back to normal. I currently take two 500mg capsules daily, which makes it so convenient.

It is so wonderful that we have caring doctors and friends who help us with the best that medicine and nature have to offer.

Christine Watanabe (Texas but formerly from Hawaii)

Chit-O-Power is affordable, convenient and has helped my husband and me tremendously.

Hi my name is Marilyn Maruyama. In February, 1999 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. I was confined to a hospital for 2 1/2 months and was told by nurses that I almost died. I graduated from the bed to a walker and a cane. My activity was very restricted and I was on chemotherapy, which caused loss of hair and did not help my white count. I was introduced to chitosan oligosaccharide through a friend. I asked my doctor if it was ok. He stated that he had heard good things about it and said it could not hurt. However, this product was very expensive ($200 / bottle). I was spending approximately $600 each month! Then, Arlene Otaguro introduced me to Chit-O-Power. Not only was it less expensive ($60 not including my discount) but also contained no additives, just chitosan oligosaccharide. Months went by and my white count started improving and I was reducing the chemotherapy. My doctor said whatever I was doing to keep it up because the Chit-O-Power and other medications were helping. After a couple years I continued to reduce the chemotherapy pills. My activity level raised and I was feeling much better. "People who meet me now do not know that I am sick." I am not yet in remission but I feel great because of God and Chit-o-Power.

Clearing the toxins

I have suffered from Lyme disease for 11 years. The disease was misdiagnosed and has wreaked havoc on my body.

I have been using Chit-O-Power since 2000. It has saved me. I know it is working because when I do not use the product, I completely go down hill with my health. It keeps clearing the toxins that are in my body. I have a better sense of well being and am able to function more fully. I feel Chit-O-Power has enhanced my immune system.

I believe in it so much that I decided to become a distributor. This allows me to help those who have Lyme's understand the value of this product and I am able to give them a much better price.

B.Schwartz : Chicago, IL


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