Chit-O-Power (Chitosan Oligosaccharide) is a uniquely formulated dietary supplement that is derived from the shells of shellfish. Chit-O-Power is designed to enhance the body’s immune system. This allows the body to naturally heal itself.

Research indicates that Chitosan Oligosaccharide can aid in:

- fortifying the immune system,
- minimize the effects of aging,
- prevention of illness, and
- controlling biorhythm.

Research has been ongoing for over twenty years in 19 countries and in 1994 Japan’s Ministry of Health declared Chitosan Oligosaccharide a Functional Food. Our testimonials also show that this is a highly effective supplement.

Affordably priced, Chit-O-Power makes available to everyone this "Amazing Substance from the Sea"!

Packaged in a convenient two-piece vegetarian capsule, Chit-O-Power absorbs quickly and completely.

Available in 500mg - Chitosan Oligosaccharide



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